Hypnumb. It’s a name.

To make up for the fact our band sounds like a skin disease, we’ve had to claw our way to the top of our craft the hard way. Essentially we’re a high vibe, crowd-pleasing blues-rock act – if we were ever invited to define ourselves in the Oxford Dictionary: Power-rockin, ball-bustin, whiskey whackin ninjas of blues laden rock would be in our top three.

The band was formed in late 2017 when swaggering rock banshee Bex teamed up with John to unleash some dirty blues on the local music scene. The pair team up with some of the hottest guitarists and bassists to create a sound full of soaring guitar leads and an earthy yet gutsy rhythm section. The sound has been described as Wigmore laced with Zeppelin, and even Winehouse melted down with the White Stripes.

Our mantra is “live the music” so everyday we’re working hard booking those gigs, producing videos, recording new songs and forging ideas from the bottomless pit of magma bubbling below our feet. This is the beginning of a long, hot ride – hope you enjoy the sounds.

Here’s what some others reckon…..

“For a new band they have certainly developed a solid, gritty, bluesy boogie and all out rock and roll sound.  Certainly, a band to keep an eye out for in 2019.” Kris Raven, MUSIC.NET.NZ

Hypnumb is a breath of fresh air to the music community. They bring an exciting and unique sound to their music that’ll have your heart exploding by the time the hook comes in… it’s not only unique but it’s creative and addicting in a way we didn’t think was possible.” Ben Ali, Keep Music Walking

“A penchant for brilliantly groovy licks, wonderful guitar work and a great rhythm. The sultry female vocals combine to give the track a great feel. Check these guys out – they’re pretty special!” Jane Hawkins, York Calling

“With hints of Gin Wigmore and Amy Winehouse in her (Bex B) style, it works well with the Zeppelin-esque fuzz of the guitars.” Alex Moulton, MUSIC.NET.NZ

“Can’t wait to hear more.” NZ Musician Magazine

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